2020 Schedule

Monday Night Bible Study – Study of Jonah

February 10   –   Introduction of Jonah Study [How a Merciful God Can Use a Disobedient Prophet]   –   Cost FREE

February 17 through March 16   –   Finish study of Jonah

Classes will be facilitated by Louise Burmeister

2020 Schedule (cont’d):

March 16   –   Introduction of Malachi Study  [God’s final word on the Old Testament to a privileged nation, deep in sin; promising John the Baptist and the Lord Jesus, as well as future judgment & restoration for the nation]   –  Precepts Ministries Workbook Cost $8.00

March 30 through April 20th   –   Finish study of Malachi

6:45 pm ~ 8:15 pm in West #9

All interested in one or both of these short studies are asked to consider that these studies can be small commitments and small steps for those with limited time or being an opportunity to experience the Precepts Ministry approach for the first time.

Classes will be facilitated by Louise Burmeister. Please contact your instructor for any schedule date changes.

More questions? For more information, please contact the church office.